Tineke Hellwig - Women and Malay Voices

Women and Malay Voices examines Malay literature by Chinese peranakan authors in the Dutch East Indies between 1915 and 1940. The narratives, some of them based on sensational murder trials reported in the news, offer insights into women's lives and experiences and glimpses of female agency. With its primary focus on Malay texts and Asian women, this book offers a unique opportunity to hear subaltern voices and understand the lives of colonized women in new ways. Using feminist and postcolonial theories, this study juxtaposes the Malay texts with Dutch fiction and newspaper accounts to gain insight into how gender, race, and class are represented and what ideologies marked power relations in Dutch East Indies society.

ISBN 9781433116568
VERSCHENEN 11-03-2016
DRUK 1e druk
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Peter Lang Publishing Inc
Levertijd: ongeveer 4-6 werkdagen