Theodor Abt - Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum

The Book of Pictures Mushaf as-suwar by Zosimos of Panopolis II.1

This Arabic facsimile consists of an almost complete rendering of the manuscript of the Mushaf as-suwar, one of the oldest available manuscripts of perhaps the first Greek alchemist. It includes a collection of 13 books written by Zosimos of Panopolis as a dialogue between the teacher Zosimos and his student Theosebeia. Zosimos collected the teaching of past alchemists and thus consolidated the knowledge of symbolic alchemy of his time. This book represents a unique, lively and thorough account of the important alchemist. The book consists of 69 pages of the English language introduction and summary, followed by 420 pages of the Arabic facsimili. (It does not include a translation of the Arabic texts.)

Theodor Abt boeken - Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum
ISBN 9783952260852
VERSCHENEN 08-05-2015
DRUK 1e druk
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Living Human Heritage Pub
Levertijd: ongeveer 5-7 werkdagen

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