- The New Europe at the Crossroads

Europe's Classical Heritage in the Twenty-First Century

The New Europe at the Crossroads: Europe's Classical Heritage in the Twenty-first Century consists of a selection of essays presented at the «New Europe at the Crossroads» conferences in York, England (1998), and at Teikyo University in Berlin, Germany (1999). The diverse contributions from scholars in the fields of education, philosophy, political science, modern languages, literature, physics, theology, and economics show that a truly united Europe must remain a distant utopia as long as cultural, religious, and ethnic identities are a cause for repression, discrimination, and strife. The essays go beyond the usual political and economic discussions associated with a united Europe. They broach the question of Europe's identity in the twenty-first century and raise the specter of a Europe that continues to be divided by ethnic differences, cultural intolerance, and an inability to come to terms with its «others.»

ISBN 9780820445823
VERSCHENEN 12-09-2016
DRUK 1e druk
Ook verkrijgbaar: diversen.
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Lang, Peter
Levertijd: ongeveer 5-7 werkdagen

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