Sylvia van der Raad - Othering and Inclusion of ethnic minority professionals

A study on ethnic diversity discourses, practices and narratives in the Dutch legal workplace

At the heart of this book lies the issue of how to explain the contrasting reports of the felt necessity towards fostering ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace on the one hand and the marginal space for this otherness on the other. While many legal organizations seem to be motivated to initiate diversity-enhancing practices to increase the number of ethnic minority professionals in the workplace, these practices do not seem to live up to their expectation. This raises questions about workplace inequality and space for otherness. By embedding the narratives of both diversity practitioners and ethnic minority professionals, this research shows how dominant societal and organizational discourses on 'the ethnic other' inform the normalization of othering.

Dr. Sylvia van der Raad (1981) received her Master of Science degree (cum laude) in Culture, Organization and Management from the VU University Amsterdam in September 2006. This book is the result of her PhD research at the VU University Amsterdam.

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Sylvia van der Raad boeken - Othering and Inclusion of ethnic minority professionals
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