Boeken over politicologie

  • Derek Birrell, Deirdre Heenan boeken
    Derek Birrell, Deirdre Heenan - The Integration of Health and Social Care in the UK

    Closer integration of health and social care with the aim of ending the historic divide between NHS and social services has been the goal of successive governments for decades. The rationale for greater integration has been widely accepted in terms of service… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Victor Seidler boeken
    Victor Seidler - Making sense of Brexit

    Written in an accessible and open style, it offers students and academics at all levels who are interested in the topic of Brexit, a theoretical narrative that makes sense of our decision to leave the EU (Zachte kaft)

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  • Alasdair Roberts boeken
    Alasdair Roberts - Can Government Do Anything Right?

    Across the Western world, people are angry about the inability of government to perform basic functions competently. With widespread evidence of policy failures at home and ill-conceived wars and interventions abroad, it is hardly surprising that politicians… (Harde kaft)

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  • Croissant boeken
    Croissant - Comparative Politics of Southeast Asia

    This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the political systems of all ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste from a comparative perspective. It investigates the political institutions, actors and processes in eleven states, covering democracies as well… (Harde kaft)

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  • Steve Coll boeken
    Steve Coll - Directorate S

    A follow-up to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Ghost Wars traces America's intelligence, military and diplomatic efforts to defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the years since 9/11. Illustrations. Map(s)Resuming the narrative of his… (Harde kaft)

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  • Beverley Milton-Edwards boeken
    Beverley Milton-Edwards - Contemporary Politics in the Middle East

    The fourth edition of this dynamic and popular text provides a comprehensive introduction to contemporary politics in the Middle East. (Harde kaft)

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  • Alexander Lukin boeken
    Alexander Lukin - China and Russia

    With many predicting the end of US hegemony, Russia and China's growing cooperation in a number of key strategic areas looks set to have a major impact on global power dynamics. (Harde kaft)

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  • Elizabeth F Cohen boeken
    Elizabeth F Cohen - Political Value of Time

    Analyses of why precise dates and quantities of time become critical to transactions over citizenship rights in liberal democracies (Zachte kaft)

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  • Hilary Wainwright boeken
    Hilary Wainwright - New Politics from the Left

    Millions of people passionately desire a viable alternative to austerity, authoritarianism and fear. They reject both corporate capitalism and an elite political system over which they have no control, but they are sceptical of the traditional weapons of the… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Amitav Acharya boeken
    Amitav Acharya - End of American World Order

    The age of Western hegemony is over. Whether or not America itself declines or thrives under President Trump s leadership, the post-war liberal international order underpinned by US military, economic and ideological primacy and supported by global… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Robert D. Kaplan boeken
    Robert D. Kaplan - The Return of Marco Polo's World

    A ground-level assessment of American foreign policy over the past two decades (Harde kaft)

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  • Rosenfeld Steven boeken
    Rosenfeld Steven - Democracy Betrayed

    An impassioned indictment of American electoral politics and their role in the 2016 election identifies the pitfalls, barriers and other dysfunctions that compromise democratic elections and give a disproportionate advantage to governing classes and economic… (Harde kaft)

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  • Christopher Moran boeken
    Christopher Moran - Spy Chiefs

    Throughout history and across cultures, the spy chief has been an essential advisor for heads of state and the leader of the state security apparatus. In democracies, the spy chief has become a public figure, and intelligence activities have been… (Harde kaft)

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  • Gillian Peele boeken
    Gillian Peele - Developments in American Politics 8

    In this state-of-the-art textbook, a distinguished team of established experts and rising scholars discuss the legacy of the Obama years and the impact of the unexpected Trump presidential victory of 2016. Carrying on the tradition set by its predecessors of… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Bernie Sanders boeken
    Bernie Sanders - Our Revolution

    Sanders' "New York Times" bestseller is now in a tall Premium Edition and features a new Introduction. Here he shares his personal experiences from the campaign trail, recounting the details of his historic primary fight and the people who made it possible.… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Dipak K. Gupta boeken
    Dipak K. Gupta - Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence

    Subtitled, }Theory & Policy{. This innovative and broad-ranging book will be essential reading for students of terrorism studies and political science (Zachte kaft)

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  • Jonathan Lerner boeken
    Jonathan Lerner - Swords in the Hands of Children

    In a first memoir by a gay member of the Weather Underground—a small group of educated, privileged young Americans who turned to violence as means of political change—the author recounts a wild journey from idealism to destruction, criticizing the group's… (Harde kaft)

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  • Darcy Olsen boeken
    Darcy Olsen - The Right to Try

    "The inspiring state-by-state campaign to allow sick Americans access to experimental treatments currently blocked by the government, chronicled by the woman leading the charge. Should you need the government's permission to try to save your own life? Today,… (Zachte kaft)

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  • George Orwell boeken
    George Orwell - Lion and the Unicorn

    A reissue of the timely and thought-provoking title in which Orwell offers moving reflections on the English character and his belief in the need for politcal change (Zachte kaft)

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  • Joseph A., Jr. Califano boeken
    Joseph A., Jr. Califano - Our Damaged Democracy

    An authoritative primer on America's three branches of government reveals political, cultural, constitutional, technological and institutional changes that the author believes have rendered the government completely dysfunctional, in an impassioned report that… (Harde kaft)

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  • Anjali Sachdeva boeken
    Anjali Sachdeva - All the Names They Used for God

    "A haunting, diverse debut story collection that explores the isolation we experience in the face of the mysterious, often dangerous forces that shape our lives Anjali Sachdeva's debut collection spans centuries, continents, and a diverse set of characters but… (Harde kaft)

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  • George R. Tyler boeken
    George R. Tyler - Billionaire Democracy

    Laying out the fundamental problems plaguing our democracy, Tyler explains how the American democratic system is rigged and how it has eroded the middle class. He provides an unflinching and honest comparison of the US government to peer democracies abroad (Zachte kaft)

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  • Kayleigh McEnany boeken
    Kayleigh McEnany - The New American Revolution

    An engaging collection of interviews and stories about the powerful grassroots populist movement currently transforming the landscape of political campaigns shares insights into how everyday voters from the American heartland feel about such hot-button issues… (Harde kaft)

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  • Gary J. Byrne boeken
    Gary J. Byrne - Secrets of the Secret Service

    A behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the U.S. Secret Service shares insights into the reactionary approaches of the agency's increasingly politicized management and how the author, a former Secret Service officer and the author of Crisis of… (Harde kaft)

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  • Michael Savage boeken
    Michael Savage - God, Faith, and Reason

    The conservative radio host shares his experiences with faith and spirituality, as well as his thoughts on religion and the Judeo-Christian basis of American culture that he has committed himself to preserve (Harde kaft)

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