Boeken over sociale kennistheorie

  • Terry Eagleton boeken
    Terry Eagleton - Trouble with Strangers

    Trouble With Strangers represents a groundbreaking intervention in ethics by one of the world s most important theoreticians. It is written with Terry Eagleton s usual wit, panache, and uncanny ability to summarize and criticize otherwise complex philosophical… (Harde kaft)

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  • Thomas Nadelhoffer boeken
    Thomas Nadelhoffer - Moral Psychology

    The tremendous growth of scientific research on emotion, decision making, moral judgment, and moral behavior in recent years has given rise to a rich literature of scientifically informed philosophical work on moral psychology. (Harde kaft)

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  • James P. Sterba boeken
    James P. Sterba - Ethics

    As with the first edition, Utilitarian, Kantian, and Aristotelian viewpoints are all well represented here, and this second edition features updated sections throughout including eighteen new readings and an entirely new section on multiculturalism. (Zachte kaft)

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  • Scott M. James boeken
    Scott M. James - An Introduction to Evolutionary Ethics

    Offering the first general introductory text to this subject, the timely Introduction to Evolutionary Ethics reflects the most up to date research and current issues being debated in both psychology and philosophy. The book presents students to the areas of… (Harde kaft)

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  • Matthew H. Kramer boeken
    Matthew H. Kramer - Moral Realism as a Moral Doctrine

    Moral realism - the doctrine that morality is indeed objective - is a moral doctrine. This work seeks to establish two main conclusions such as moral requirements are strongly objective; and the objectivity of ethics is itself an ethical matter that rests… (Harde kaft)

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  • Jussi Suikkanen boeken
    Jussi Suikkanen - Essays on Derek Parfit's On What Matters

    In Essays on Derek Parfit s On What Matters, seven leading moral philosophers offer critical evaluations of the central ideas presented in a greatly anticipated new work by world renowned moral philosopher Derek Parfit. (Zachte kaft)

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  • Heather Battaly boeken
    Heather Battaly - Virtue and Vice, Moral and Epistemic

    "Virtues and vices matter in both ethics and epistemology - it matters whether an agent has moral and intellectual virtues or moral and intellectual vices. In fact, this is the veritable rallying cry of both virtue ethics and virtue epistemology. But do… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Allan J. Kimmel boeken
    Allan J. Kimmel - Ethical Issues in Behavioral Research

    Uses case studies to highlight important discussion pointsIncludes suggestions for further reading and a full bibliographyBalances theory and discussion to guide students towards more in depth studyDiscusses a range of ethical studies and guidelines from the… (Zachte kaft)

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  • R. G. Frey boeken
    R. G. Frey - A Companion to Applied Ethics

    Presents essays covering practical ethical issues in social, moral, and political life. (Harde kaft)

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  • Kimberly Hutchings boeken
    Kimberly Hutchings - Global Ethics

    The field of global ethics draws on traditions of moral theory, mostly derived from western philosophy, in order to address moral problems specific to an increasingly globalised world. This book provides an accessible introduction to the field of global ethics… (Harde kaft)

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  • Julia Driver boeken
    Julia Driver - Ethics

    Ethics: The Fundamentals explores core ideas and arguments in moral theory by introducing students to different philosophical approaches to ethics, including virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, divine command theory, and feminist ethics. The first volume in the new… (Harde kaft)

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  • Russ Shafer-Landau boeken
    Russ Shafer-Landau - Foundations of Ethics

    Covers all of the major issues in metaethics including moral metaphysics, epistemology, moral psychology, and philosophy of language. Provides an unrivaled offering of primary sources and expert commentary for students of ethical theory. Includes essays by… (Harde kaft)

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  • Andrew Jason Cohen boeken
    Andrew Jason Cohen - Toleration

    In this engaging and comprehensive introduction to the topic of toleration, Andrew Jason Cohen seeks to answer fundamental questions, such as: What is toleration? What should be tolerated? Why is toleration important? Beginning with some key insights into what… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Marcia W. Baron boeken
    Marcia W. Baron - Three Methods of Ethics

    No other recent book involves a debate among leading proponents of the main forms of contemporary ethical theoryPresents the material in terms that engage current philosophical debate clear enough for undergraduate students. . (Zachte kaft)

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  • Charles Mathewes boeken
    Charles Mathewes - Understanding Religious Ethics

    This introduction to religious ethics focuses on the major forms of ethical reasoning encompassing the three `Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Mathewes considers both ethical reasoning and how that reasoning reveals insights into a… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Gordon Graham boeken
    Gordon Graham - Ethics and International Relations

    Ethics and International Relations, 2ed offers a comprehensive introduction to the philosophical issues raised by international politics. Presupposing no prior philosophical knowledge and deliberately avoiding the use of technical language, it is ideally… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Wanda Teays boeken
    Wanda Teays - Seeing the Light

    Seeing the Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies is an engaging and innovative approach to the study of philosophy and the development of moral reasoning skills. (Zachte kaft)

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  • Pascal Bruckner boeken
    Pascal Bruckner - Paradox of Love

    Drawing on history, politics, psychology and pop culture, the author traces the roots of sexual liberation to explain love's supreme paradox, and concludes that love's messiness, surprises and paradoxes are not merely the sources of its pain--but also of its… (Harde kaft)

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  • Jamie Carlin Watson boeken
    Jamie Carlin Watson - What's Good on TV?

    What's Good on TV? Understanding Ethics Through Television presents an introduction to the basic theories and concepts of moral philosophy using concrete examples from classic and contemporary television shows. (Zachte kaft)

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  • Katrien Schaubroeck boeken
    Katrien Schaubroeck - The normativity of what we care about

    A love-based reason theory as a new perspective in the debate on practical reasons Reasons and obligations pervade our lives. The alarm clock gives us a reason to get up in the morning, the expectations of colleagues or clients give us a reason to do our jobs… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Joseph Migga Kizza boeken
    Joseph Migga Kizza - Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age

    This new edition examines the ethical, social, and policy challenges stemming from computing and telecommunication technology, and mobile information-enabling devices. Features: establishes a philosophical framework and analytical tools for discussing moral… (Harde kaft)

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  • Bob Brecher boeken
    Bob Brecher - Torture and the Ticking Bomb

    This timely and passionate book is the first to address itself to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz s controversial arguments for the limited use of interrogational torture and its legalisation. (Zachte kaft)

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  • Vasileios I Anastasiadis boeken
    Vasileios I Anastasiadis - Interest & Self-Interest in Ancient Athens

    Interest and self-interest are concepts that have attracted multiple interdisciplinary approaches in the last decades. In this monograph, the author examines anew all nomenclature of these concepts in ancient Greek, and recapitulates relevant previous debates.… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Gregoire Chamayou boeken
    Gregoire Chamayou - Drone Theory

    A poignant and sharply argued polemic against US drone warfare, drawing on philosophical debate, moral lessons from Greek mythology and transcripts of conversations between drone operators. A topic tackled by Amnesty International and in the }Guardian{ (Zachte kaft)

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  • Jussi Suikkanen boeken
    Jussi Suikkanen - This is Ethics

    This is Ethics presents an accessible and engaging introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary moral philosophy. It reveals the intimate connection between timeless philosophical problems about right and wrong while offering timely insights on… (Zachte kaft)

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