Boeken over antropologie

  • Rosinka Chaudhuri boeken
    Rosinka Chaudhuri - The Literary Thing

    The imponderable value of the literary to critical discourse is given pre-eminence in this study of cultural turning points in the history of Bengali literature, so that we might investigate the place of the aesthetic in the composition of a literary culture… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Alternative Worlds

    In an attempt to counteract the doom and gloom of the economic crisis and the politicians' overused dictum that 'there is no alternative', this interdisciplinary collection presents a number of alternative worlds that were conceived over the course of the last… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Assembling Japan

    Assembling Japan focuses on Japan's modernization as a long-term process that is reliant on changing technology and that has led to the nation's full engagement with the global system. This process forms a complex field of tensions, full of interesting… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Reconstructing Jewish Identity in Pre- and Post-Holocaust Literature and Culture

    The volume aims to illuminate the issue of Jewish identity in the context of its pre-Holocaust European origins and post-Holocaust American and Israeli settings. Jewish experience and identity construction in Europe, America and Israel are presented through… (Harde kaft)

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  • Angela Pickard boeken
    Angela Pickard - Ballet Body Narratives

    Ballet Body Narratives is an ethnographic exploration of the social world of classical ballet and the embodiment of young ballet dancers as they engage in 'becoming a dancer' in ballet school in England. In contrast to the largely disembodied sociological… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Japan Copes with Calamity

    Bringing together studies by experienced researchers of Japan from field sites around the disaster zone, this book presents the survivors' struggles in their own words: from enduring life in shelters and temporary housing, through re-creating the fishing… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Cornel Micu boeken
    Cornel Micu - From Peasants to Farmers? Agrarian Reforms and Modernisation in Twentieth Century Romania

    The underdevelopment of agriculture was an important subject during the negotiations for Romania's accession to the European Union. The problem of backwardness in rural areas is, however, far from new and during the twentieth century several agrarian reforms… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Contemporary Asian Modernities

    This book is a collection of selected essays presented at the International Symposium on 'Contemporary Asian Modernities: Transnationality, Interculturality and Hybridity' hosted by the Humanities Programme of Hong Kong Baptist University in September 2006. As… (Harde kaft)

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  • Early Childhoods in the Global South

    This interdisciplinary volume aims to deepen and enrich the reader's understanding of children's lives in the Global South. At a time when provision for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is expanding across the globe, this book highlights issues around… (Zachte kaft)

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  • America Where?

    America Where? Transatlantic Views of the United States in the Twenty-first Century gathers essays by distinguished American Studies scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. The articles address changing representations of 'America' in their many and mutual… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Rossella Ragazzi boeken
    Rossella Ragazzi - Walking on Uneven Paths

    What can we learn from children traversing the liminal and transient time-space of migration? How do migrant children and their caretakers navigate educational systems in Europe today? How is it to be captive in an inner city classroom? How do children's body… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Ioan James boeken
    Ioan James - Driven to Innovate

    The engaging life-stories of 35 outstanding Jewish mathematicians and physicists born in the 19th century (Harde kaft)

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  • Andrea Carosso boeken
    Andrea Carosso - Cold War Narratives

    Cold War Narratives reveals the power that representations, understood as both cultural production and public discourse, have held in shaping the imaginaries of early Cold War America. By engaging conflicting accounts of the 1950s as either affirmations of a… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Nationalisms and Identities among Indigenous Peoples

    This book explores the emergence of national identities among the Indigenous peoples of North America. It examines the problems Native communities have faced in asserting themselves as nations and broadens our understanding of Native American nationalism,… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Ports of Call

    This volume collects papers put together by an interdisciplinary group of scholars, which explore how the two imaginary geo-cultural spaces 'Central Europe' and '(North) America' have mutually attributed meanings to each other over the past two centuries, how… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Yan Yuan boeken
    Yan Yuan - A Different Place in the Making

    "The last three decades have seen dramatic changes in Chinese cities. While many tend to read these changes as the result of institutional reforms, macro planning, and top-down development, the author of this study focuses on the undercurrent at the bottom,… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Matías Bruera boeken
    Matías Bruera - Mapping the Tasteland

    This book draws together the results of extensive research into the complex relationships that some modern European and Argentinean writers have enjoyed with food and wine. The European writers considered include Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, Honoré de… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Undead Memory

    Vampires have never been as popular in Western culture as they are now: Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and their fans have secured the vampire's place in contemporary culture. Yet the role vampires play in how we remember our pasts and configure our… (Harde kaft)

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  • Invisibility Studies

    Invisibility Studies explores current changes in the relationship between what we consider visible and what invisible in different areas of contemporary culture. Contributions trace how these changes make their marks on various cultural fields and investigate… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Karolina Anna Mroziewicz boeken
    Karolina Anna Mroziewicz - Imprinting Identities

    The book demonstrates how illustrated printed books played an active role in identity-building processes in the Hungarian Kingdom. It shows the influence of Latin-language histories of Hungary in the areas of imagery of the Hungarian political community,… (Harde kaft)

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  • Ecological Migration

    In the context of the current wave of global environmental concern, this book considers measures aimed at solving environmental problems, investigating the example of ecological migration. The term 'ecological migration' refers to the organized migration of… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Michael Leach boeken
    Michael Leach - Attitudes to National Identity in Melanesia and Timor-Leste

    This book examines the attitudes of tertiary students in Melanesia and Timor-Leste to national identity and key issues of nation-building. Their views are pivotal to understanding the challenges of building a more cohesive sense of national identity and… (Zachte kaft)

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  • International and Regional Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Mediation

    Intercultural and cross-cultural mediation in the Western world has emerged as an object of research that has attracted a growing attention over the past thirty years. Meanwhile, static and essentialist notions of culture in communication have been challenged… (Harde kaft)

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  • Ideas of | for Europe

    The current attempt in European politics to develop a European identity makes scientific research about discourses on Europe especially relevant. This book takes an analytical gaze at philosophical and political attempts to conceptualise Europe from antiquity… (Harde kaft)

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  • Habitus in Habitat II

    Which are the aspects of cognition not yet focused on as such by brain research? How can one deal with them? This book sheds light on the other sides of cognition, on what they mean for forms and figurations of subjective, cultural and social understanding. In… (Zachte kaft)

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