Manfred Lanz - The Father's Love

Experience the Love of God

Do you long to feel the love of God? Not only to theoretically know God loves you but to really believe it? This Quadro will help you to experience God's love in a deeper way, and to live with God as your friend.

In this Quadro Manfred and Esther Lanz describe how they were touched and changed through the

Father love of God. In addition they describe different pathways to the Father's love and give practical

tips how you can receive this love.

Questions and practical inspirations help you not to get stuck in the theory, but to put what you have

read into practice. The Quadro inspires and accompanies you with four impulses per day: a concise quote, some food for thought, a provocative question and a practical activity.

Ideal for everyone who would like to experience the Father's love.

Manfred Lanz boeken - The Father's Love
ISBN 9783862705184
VERSCHENEN 01-01-2012
DRUK 1e druk
UITVOERING Zachte kaft
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Down to Earth


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