M. Vera Buhrmann - Living in Two Worlds

Communication Between a White Healer and Her Black Counterparts

Some white South Africans have grown up with the sound of African singing accompanied by drumming in their ears at night. It stirred feelings of fear, of mystery, and fascination, but also of avoidance-"Leave it alone, it is not for us." They were told by their elders. And so they knew nothing about the aim, purpose and use of singing, dancing and drumming in the life of the native African-it was brushed aside as meer "beer parties."

The white South African knew and understood even less about these as methods of healing and bringing comfort to body and mind. Yet for many the fascination remained, as did the mystery. No cultural group can exist meaningfully without its living myths, rituals, and ceremonies. Moreover, in southern Africa the coexisting racial groups have a unique opportunity of being mutually enriched and fertilized by exploring, accepting and understanding on another's cultural beliefs and practices.

ISBN 9780933029101
VERSCHENEN 14-05-2017
DRUK 1e druk
UITVOERING Zachte kaft
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Chiron Publications


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