M.P.W. Brouwers - Saving souls from above

No-fly zone interventions

In the year 1903 the brothers Wright are believed to have performed the first official flight with an airplane. At first aviation was regarded to serve peaceful purposes, such as air transports. However, also its military capabilities were discovered and put into practice. Former state leaders such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar el-Qaddafi used aircraft to brutally deal with internal uprisings. Western military powers reacted to these atrocities by establishing and enforcing no-fly zones over the besieged territories. This book examines the concept of no-fly zone interventions under the Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello. The main research question is: what is the legal basis for no-fly zone interventions and what are the main legal criteria for their enforcement?

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M.P.W. Brouwers boeken - Saving souls from above
ISBN 9789462401716
VERSCHENEN 13-11-2014
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