Ludwig Oechslin - Johann Wolffgang Hartich - Masterpiece, Augsburg

In autumn 2004 the International Museum of Horology in Switzerland acquired the presumed masterpiece by Johann Wolffgang Hartich from Augsburg, a Renaissance style tabernacle clock with astronomical displays constructed circa 1712. The author first became acquainted with this clock on the premises of the Hübner Company in Vienna in 1987. But at that time it was still unclothed: in other words there was only the movement without the case.

The piece was originally to be found in the collection of Hans von Bertele, the famous Austrian clock historian; after his passing it was purchased by the Hübner Company in Vienna. Mister Hübner asked for an examination of the clock with a detailed report in accordance with the previous researches oft the author. That report from 1987 forms the basis of substantial parts of the present publication, especially those concerning the technical description and the historical status of the movement. An addition has been made in form of a short description of the case that was added in the meantime, accompanied by some considerations on the concomitant problem of authenticity and falsification.

The purchase of this precious piece has allowed the Musée International d'Horlogerie not only to fill a gap in its collections but also to realise a complete concept incorporating an additional study, a publication, and a differentiated form of presentation in its exhibition spaces.

Ludwig Oechslin boeken - Johann Wolffgang Hartich - Masterpiece, Augsburg
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