Lily Ariane - Vincent, Miles & Mozart

'Vincent, Miles & Mozart' is an easy-to-read, thrill-seeking mystery novel. It describes a quest the young Vincent is fated to make in order to restore the health of Gaia, an old family friend. Fortunately, Vincent has his magical stone and several strong spirits at his side.

The story tells about life's mysteries through various ancient believes and personal insights. It solves the problem of the Plastic Continent, shows the importance of music and tells why it is so hard for mankind to live life in love. 'Vincent, Miles & Mozart' is a captivating book that reads like a fairy tale.

Het boek vincent, miles & mozart van Lily Ariane is op dit moment op voorraad in ons magazijn. De prijs is € 17,95 incl. gratis bezorging thuis of op het werk.

Lily Ariane boeken - Vincent, Miles & Mozart
ISBN 9789048433803
VERSCHENEN 11-06-2014
DRUK 1e druk
UITVOERING Zachte kaft
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Free Musketeers
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