John Van der Kiste - Queen Victoria and the European Empires

"Queen Victoria and the European Empires is a comprehensive history of Queen Victoria's personal and political relationships with the emperors and empresses and kings and queens of France, Germany, Austria, and Russia. Victoria had close familial ties with the royal houses of Germany long before the King of Prussia became the German Emperor in 1871, as well as strong personal bonds with the exiled French Emperor and Empress and their son, the Prince Imperial, after the fall of the French Empire in 1870. In addition to detailing these connections, this volume explores Victoria's often strained relations with her grandson, William II, and her tumultuous interactions with Russian emperors. John Van der Kiste weaves together these many strands to provide a fascinating picture of European royalty from the 1830s to the early 1900s. The author also includes a substantial collection of contemporary portraits, offering a rich illustration of the pomp and ceremony of the era.

John Van der Kiste boeken - Queen Victoria and the European Empires
ISBN 9781781555507
VERSCHENEN 28-09-2016
DRUK 1e druk
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Fonthill Media Ltd


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