Boeken over landinrichting

  • Jos Schouwenaars boeken
    Jos Schouwenaars - Rumoer om moerassen

    Verwondering en bewondering, goed beschouwd is dat de kern. Met deze verhalen wil ik mijn verwondering delen over de magie van veengebieden. Over hun ontstaan en de bijzondere planten die ze gevormd hebben. Tegelijk onthullen de verhalen mijn bewondering voor… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Wim Simons, Dick van Dorp, Florien Kuijper boeken
    Wim Simons, Dick van Dorp, Florien Kuijper - Praktijkgericht onderzoek in de ruimtelijke planvorming

    Ruimtelijke planvormers zoeken naar oplossingen voor ruimtelijke vraagstukken. Vaak ligt de nadruk op de oplossing, maar er is geen oplossing zonder dat er gedegen onderzoek aan vooraf gaat. In dit boek geven experts een uitgebreid overzicht van beschikbare… (Harde kaft)

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  • H. Dekker boeken
    H. Dekker - In Pursuit of Land Tenure Security

    In Pursuit of Land Tenure Security is een bloemlezing van essays die het menselijke streven naar een hoger niveau bescherming van de rechten op onroerend goed. Hiervoor worden een aantal verhalen aangehaald uit verschillende delen van de wereld, waarin het… (Zachte kaft)

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  • M. Hermy boeken
  • Raffaella Sini boeken
    Raffaella Sini - Singapore's Park System Master Planning

    This book traces the evolution of Singapore's parks system, from colonial to present times. Further, it contextualizes the design and planning of parks in the general discourse on western and eastern traditions: early 20th century western conceptions… (Harde kaft)

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  • Future Cities Laboratory

    Dieser zweite Band der Reihe Future Cities Laboratory Indicia konzentriert sich auf die Werkzeuge, Methoden und Ansätze, die für die Stadtforschung benötigt werden. Der berühmten Provokation von Marshall McLuhan folgend konzentrieren die Herausgeber sich… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Fabio Bianconi, Marco Filippucci boeken
    Fabio Bianconi, Marco Filippucci - Landscape Lab

    This book explores the relationship between the sciences of representation and the strategy of landscape valorisation. The topic is connected to the theme of the image of the city, which is extended to the territory scale and applied to case studies in Italy's… (Harde kaft)

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  • Wilfried Endlicher boeken
    Wilfried Endlicher - Continents under Climate Change

    Der Klimawandel gehört zu den drängendsten globalen Problemen unserer Zeit. Die Menschheit steht vor besonderen Herausforderungen, um insbesondere den CO2-Ausstoß zu senken. Führende Wissenschaftler aus der Klimaforschung betrachten die Auswirkungen des… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Vladimir F. Krapivin boeken
    Vladimir F. Krapivin - Globalisation and Sustainable Development

    This book accumulates the knowledge from different sciences to parametrize the global ecodynamic process. The basic global problems of the Nature-Society-System (NSS) dynamics have been considered and the key problems of ensuring its sustainable development… (Harde kaft)

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  • Implementing Strategic Environmental Assessment

    More countries are now using Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) than ever before. This timely and comprehensive Handbook describes the implementation of SEA in 18 countries around the world, as well as a critical analysis of different SEA methodologies.… (Harde kaft)

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  • Fengxiang X. Han boeken
    Fengxiang X. Han - Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Arid Environments

    Global warming has worsened the water resource crisis in many arid zones worldwide, from Africa to Asia, affecting millions of people and putting them at risk of hunger. Effective management of arid zone resources, including understanding the risks of toxic… (Harde kaft)

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  • Nick Middleton boeken
    Nick Middleton - The Global Casino, Fifth Edition

    5th edition. Fully updated with the latest research findings and current key topics ensuring contemporary coverage for today's environmental and geography students (Zachte kaft)

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  • Handbook on Urban Sustainability

    This book, written by worldwide specialists from Canada, India, Italy, Palestine, Peru, Spain and the Netherlands, is a guide to establishing a city on a sustainable path. It addresses sustainable urban planning issues by breaking the city down to its main… (Harde kaft)

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  • Stakeholder Dialogues in Natural Resources Management

    The book outlines an integrative theoretical framework and examines examples of stakeholder dialogues and public participation in three areas: science, policy and management. The current practice has been to analyse these separately. However, the three areas… (Harde kaft)

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  • Bio and Eco-Engineering: Methods, tools and guidelines for improving slope stability on slopes

    These proceedings bring together papers from geotechnical and civil engineers, biologists, ecologists and foresters, who discuss current problems in slope stability research, and how to address those problems using ground bio- and eco-engineering techniques.… (Harde kaft)

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  • Local Science vs. Global Science

    While science has achieved a remarkable understanding of nature, affording humans an astonishing technological capability, it has led, through Euro-American global domination, to the muting of other cultural views and values, even threatening their continued… (Harde kaft)

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  • Jos Arts, Ruud Filarski, Hans Jeekel, Bert Toussaint boeken
    Jos Arts, Ruud Filarski, Hans Jeekel, Bert Toussaint - Builders and planners

    Bij het inrichten van de Nederlandse ruimte komen ruimtelijke planners en infrastructuurplanners elkaar veelvuldig tegen. Ruimtelijke ordening en transportplanning hebben veel met elkaar te maken. Toch zijn de relaties tussen beide plannerswerelden niet eerder… (Harde kaft)

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  • Thomas E. Rinaldi boeken
    Thomas E. Rinaldi - New York Neon

    Presents a visual history of two hundred neon signs in New York City, providing information on the sign's location, manufacture, date of creation, and the businesses that commissioned them (Zachte kaft)

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  • J. William Thompson boeken
    J. William Thompson - From Memory to Memorial

    "Explores the aftermath of 9/11 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Describes how the local community remembered the event and how it was affected by national media attention. Follows the creation of the national memorial built at the site to honor those aboard… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Michael Bates boeken
    Michael Bates - The New Australian Garden

    In the new Australian garden - as told in the story of 18 superbly photographed case studies - designers are prepared to break with landscaping and planting tradition to make every exterior space activated and dynamic. All elements, including architecture and… (Harde kaft)

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  • David E. Coke, Alan Borg boeken
    David E. Coke, Alan Borg - Vauxhall Gardens

    A comprehensive history of the foremost pleasuer garden of 18th and 19th century London. Fully illustrated (Harde kaft)

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  • Robert Mallet boeken
    Robert Mallet - Envisioning the Garden

    A gardening expert, formerly in charge of Le Bois des Moutiers, one of the most beautiful gardens in France, reviews all the elements involved in making a garden, explaining what works and offering a wide range of practical ideas (Zachte kaft)

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  • Prof. Patsy Healey boeken
    Prof. Patsy Healey - Collaborative Planning

    Draws on a range of thinking in social, political and spatial theory to provide a framework for planning which is rooted in the institutional realities of our increasingly fragmented societies but designed to foster communication and collaborative action… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Urban Design

    Collects essays written on the establishment and cultivation of urban design as a distinct architectural and planning practice (Zachte kaft)

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  • Niall Kirkwood boeken
    Niall Kirkwood - Weathering and Durability in Landscape Architecture

    Weathering and durability have significant impacts on any built environment, and in the case of landscape architecture, these issues can be particularly important as wear and tear, weather patterns, poor design, and neglected maintenance schedules can all… (Harde kaft)

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