Boeken over jaar 1500-1870

  • The Transnational Significance of the American Civil War

    This volume of pioneering essays brings together an impressive array of well-established and emerging historians from Europe and the United States whose common endeavor is to situate America's Civil War within the wider framework of global history. These… (Harde kaft)

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  • Tim Blanning boeken
    Tim Blanning - Frederick the Great

    A superb biography of one of the most charismatic and controversial figures in European history. Equally at home on the battlefield or in the music room at Frederick's extraordinary miniature palace of Sanssouci, Blanning draws on a lifetime's obsession with… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Corry Guttstadt boeken
    Corry Guttstadt - Turkey, the Jews, and the Holocaust

    Analyses the minority politics of the Turkish republic and the country's ambivalent policies regarding Jewish refugees and Turkish Jews living abroad (Harde kaft)

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  • Robert Wallisch boeken
    Robert Wallisch - Der Mundus Novus des Amerigo Vespucci

    Amerigo Vespucci, der florentinische Bankier, der sich für die Expeditionen, die er zunächst nur finanzierte, so sehr begeisterte, dass er in seiner zweiten Lebenshälfte Kosmographie und Astronomie studierte, leistete gerade in seiner Rolle als Außenseiter… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Brian Dolber boeken
    Brian Dolber - Media and Culture in the U.S. Jewish Labor Movement

    This book explores the Jewish Left's innovative strategies in maintaining newspapers, radio stations, and educational activities during a moment of crisis in global democracy. In the wake of the First World War, as immigrant workers and radical organizations… (Harde kaft)

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  • Languages and the First World War: Representation and Memory

    "With several terms from the First World War still present in modern speech, Languages and the First World War presents over 30 essays by international academics investigating the linguistic aspects of the 1914-18 conflict. The first of the two volumes covers… (Harde kaft)

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  • Mitra Sharafi boeken
    Mitra Sharafi - Law and Identity in Colonial South Asia

    This book explores the legal culture of the Parsis, an ethno-religious community unusually invested in the colonial legal system of British India and Burma (Harde kaft)

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  • Brigitte Hamann boeken
    Brigitte Hamann - The Reluctant Empress

    She was the romantic idol of her age, the extraordinarily beautiful and mysterious Empress Elisabeth of Austria whose exploits made her a legend in nineteenth-century Europe and beyond. This biography by Brigitte Hamann reveals the truth of a complex and… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Jason Hansen boeken
    Jason Hansen - Mapping the Germans

    Explores the development of statistical science and cartography in Germany between the beginning of the nineteenth century and the start of World War One, examining their impact on the German national identity. (Harde kaft)

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  • K. D. boeken
    K. D. - Spirits of Community

    "Concern about the 'decline of community', and the theme of 'community spirit', are internationally widespread in the modern world. The English past has featured many representations of declining community, expressed by those who lamented its loss in quite… (Harde kaft)

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  • The European Canton Trade 1723

    This source edition with commentary provides multifaceted insight into the history of the 18th century trade with Asia, which was marked by competition and cooperation between companies. It includes a logbook from an English trading ship, diaries of English… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Frühneuzeitliche Bibliotheken als Zentren des europäischen Kulturtransfers

    Frühneuzeitliche Bibliotheken sind ein Spiegelbild der Welt. Sie sind ein Kultur- und Wissensraum, in dem sich mittelalterliche Wissenstraditionen und frühneuzeitliche Empirie begegnen und überlagern. Sie gestalten die Lebensformen im 17. und 18.… (Zachte kaft)

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  • J A Sharpe boeken
    J A Sharpe - Early Modern England

    Widely praised and consistently popular since its first publication in 1987, Early Modern England now reflects in this new edition the invigorating and substantial changes that have swept the field over the past decade and more. It combines considerations of… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Bas van Bommel boeken
    Bas van Bommel - Classical Humanism and the Challenge of Modernity

    This book challenges the common view that classical education in 19th-century Germany was dominated by a progressive ideal called "neohumanism." The prevailing ideal of education at the German Gymnasien was emphatically traditional and is best described as… (Harde kaft)

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  • Steffen Gastreich boeken
    Steffen Gastreich - Jagdstaffel Boelcke

    In diesem Sachbuch werden erstmalig die Dokumente des 1. Weltkrieges aus dem Archiv der Traditionsgemeinschaft Boelcke e.V. ausgewertet. Im Besonderen sind es die Abschußbücher der Staffel sowie die Auflistung der eingesetzten Flugzeugführer. Durch einen… (Harde kaft)

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  • Elisabeth Kaske boeken
    Elisabeth Kaske - Bismarcks Missionäre

    Ausländische Fachkräfte spielten eine Rolle in fast allen chinesischen Reformen zwischen 1870 und 1895, die auf die Selbststärkung des chinesischen Reiches gegen die Bedrohung durch die westlichen Großmächte gerichtet waren. Die Studie relativiert… (Harde kaft)

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  • Josette Baer boeken
    Josette Baer - Revolution, modus vivendi or sovereignty? The political Thought of the Slovak national movement from 1861 to 1914

    This study, the first of its kind in English, presents an overview of Slovak intellectual history in the 19th century, including the debates surrounding the memorandum of 1861, the political stagnation of the 1880s, characterized by an increasingly Russophile… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Franz Herre boeken
    Franz Herre - The Life and Times of the Fuggers

    The history of the Fugger family is one of the great European success stories. In an accessible style, noted biographer Franz Herre vividly tells the story of the epoch of Emperor Maximilian I and his grandson Karl V, with all the turmoil of the Reformation… (Harde kaft)

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  • Martin Gruneweg (1562 - nach 1615) - Ein europäischer Lebensweg Martin Gruneweg (1562- after 1615)- A European Way of Life

    Der einem deutschen lutherischen Umfeld entstammende Kaufmannssohn Martin Gruneweg aus Danzig unternahm als Schreiber mit armenischen Kaufherren in Lemberg in der zweiten Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts umfangreiche Handelsreisen, wobei er lebendige… (Harde kaft)

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  • Books für Captains and Captains in Books

    This volume collects the papers presented at the conference "Books for Captains and Captains in books. Italo-German Conference on the training and image of the military leader during the Renaissance", held at the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel from… (Harde kaft)

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  • Janny Venema boeken
    Janny Venema - Kiliaen van Rensselaer (1586-1643)

    Around 1600 the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was in the middle of a war with Spain that would last for eighty years (1568-1648). Thousands of immigrants came to Amsterdam and greatly influenced the development of the Republic. Kiliaen van… (Zachte kaft)

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  • Blair Worden boeken
    Blair Worden - English Civil Wars

    A compelling appraisal of the Civil War and its long-term consequences, by an acclaimed historian, providing a succinct and highly readable introduction to the subject (Zachte kaft)

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  • Peter Linebaugh boeken
    Peter Linebaugh - London Hanged

    A groundbreaking history of hanging and capitalism. In this new edition, Linebaugh reinforces his original arguments with an array of impressive historical sources (Zachte kaft)

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  • Surekha Davies boeken
    Surekha Davies - Renaissance Ethnography and the Invention of the Human

    "Giants, cannibals and other monsters were a regular feature of Renaissance illustrated maps, inhabiting the Americas alongside other indigenous peoples. In a new approach to views of distant peoples, Surekha Davies analyzes this archive alongside prints,… (Harde kaft)

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  • Alois S. Mlambo boeken
    Alois S. Mlambo - History of Zimbabwe

    "There is currently no single-volume history of Zimbabwe that provides detailed coverage of the country's experience from precolonial times to the present. This book examines Zimbabwe's precolonial, colonial and post-colonial social, economic and political… (Zachte kaft)

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