- Contemporary Asian Modernities

Transnationality, Interculturality and Hybridity

This book is a collection of selected essays presented at the International Symposium on 'Contemporary Asian Modernities: Transnationality, Interculturality and Hybridity' hosted by the Humanities Programme of Hong Kong Baptist University in September 2006. As 'modernity' has been used to describe the cultural, economic and socio-political conditions in the Western worlds, the time in which we now live and the Asian countries where capitalistic transformation is extensively carried out are already articulating their own descriptions. The essays collected here discuss the notions of 'contemporary', 'Asia' and 'modernities' as they relate to the global trend of adopting capitalism. They probe into questions related to modernity as well as global modernity, ranging from China in particular to Asia in general. As reflected in the pluriversal meanings in the title, the book endeavours to make critical inquiries into the concept of modernity/modernities from different perspectives.

 boeken - Contemporary Asian Modernities
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UITGEVER Lang, Peter
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