Anni Sennov - The Crystal Human and the Crystallization Process Part I

:About the spirit's journey into our bodies and our everyday lives

As in any good fairytale, the hero must endure an awful lot before happiness and balance occur. The same applies to adults with Crystal Energy in their consciousness, because they are facing a long Crystallization Journey that aims to carry their Spiritual Energy into the visible sphere of their aura, body and personal network, which is what 'The Crystal Human and the Crystallization Process Part I' and 'Part II'' are about.

The books are timely, practical, down-to-earth guides for understanding the consciousness lift that many people are experiencing in the years around 2012.

Timely - because they deal with all physical and spiritual aspects in relation to the Crystallization Process which is actively underway.

Practical - because they explain all problems related to cause/effect.

Present - because the books are packed with personal cases written by people who have personally experienced the spirit's journey into their body.

Down to earth - because they do not idealize spirituality and because they explain and make suggestions that the reader can apply on a daily basis.

'The Crystal Human and the Crystallization Process Part I' and 'The Crystal Human and the Crystallization Process Part II' are vitally important books worth reading that contain knowledge that is nowhere else to be found. Read the books and be at the cutting edge of the Crystal Energy's entry to this Earth.

ISBN 9788792549006
VERSCHENEN 02-08-2015
DRUK 1e druk
UITVOERING Zachte kaft
TAAL Engels
UITGEVER Good Adventures Publishing
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